Name: Dmitry Soshnikov

Twitter: @DmitrySoshnikov

Bio: Software engineer interested in learning and education. Sometimes blog on topics of programming languages theory, compilers, and ECMAScript.

Hobby: write music

GitHub: DmitrySoshnikov

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  1. Hi Dmitry! Could you get back navigation? It was very handy to navigate over ES3-5 sections with it 😉

  2. Oh,the new design is too unfirendly for category!

  3. You should link all your ECMAScript chapters as a Table of Contents here on your About page.

  4. I love your ECMAScript chapters very much. But they are not firendly for me to navigate them.And I had a question.How do you learn javascript by some open source code, such as react, vuejs and so on.Any idea for me? This has confused me a long time.

  5. @bird, thanks, and yes, they navigation issue was mentioned previously, I’ll try to add the navigation menu soon. Re: open-source — read the code, and try building a simpler prototype of some tool, adding more complex feature on top of it.

  6. There are 2 persons in js community who able to explain complicated things in a simple understandable manner: Dan Abramov and Dmitry Soshnikov. Thank you for articles!

  7. On the subject of proper educator’s approach : YOU, my good man, are The Governor !
    / === the king/

    These by far are the best explanations on the subject of ECMAScript!
    Fully understandable and remembered with one pass.
    (And I have seen my share, in the long nights searching for a good view on the matter.)

    Thank you very much! Your work is well appreciated!

    P.S. Grammar 😀 can be a bitch, if one doesn’t have the ability to redact one’s comment.

  8. Dmitry, are you going to write update on ECMA-262-6 and next?
    Particularly interested in how lexical/variable environment works with block scope variables let/const.

  9. @artin, yeah, perhaps will publish some renewal for ES2018+, as a single article. The core is still the same as in ES3-5, just with different terminology.